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this is a queued post telling you that i am gay. please queue this to let your friends know that you are also gay.


Azan, the archer

detective-joetoro: 1, 4, and 12 plz

1. Favorite Smash Game?

Does Project M count? If so Project M.

4. Main in Brawl?


12. Favorite assist trophy in any game?

I guess this includes Smash 4 so I’m really pumped for Midna who never made it into Brawl for some reason.

Smash Bros asks

1: Favorite Smash game?
2: Main in 64?
3: Main in Melee?
4: Main in Brawl?
5: Probable main in Sm4sh?
6: Favorite pro player?
7: Favorite commentator?
8: Favorite all time stage?
9: Favorite unlockable?
10: Favorite taunt?
11: If you could have any character as a new-comer in Sm4sh, who/what and why?
12: Favorite assist trophy in any game?
13: Favorite trophy in any game?
14: If you could have any stage in Sm4sh, where and why?
15: Do you tag with anyone? If so, with whom and what is your duo?
16: If you tag, do you have a name for your duo? If so, what is it?
17: Favorite item of any game?
18: Favorite Final Smash?
19: Least favorite character?
20: Least favorite Final Smash?
21: Least favorite item?
22: Enjoy no items, Final Destination, Fox only?
23: Play with or without items?
24: Favorite Kirby hat?
25: Favorite series in any of the games?
26: [custom]


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